Programmatically Work with Word, Excel, PDF and Image Formats

Use free Openize SDKs to perform operations on documents and images. Create your own software in a variety of platforms and programming languages.


Openize.Words Enables developers to insert, update, remove, and append content in Microsoft Word files (DOCX) within custom applications using just a few API calls.


Openize.Cells Load, create and modify Microsoft Excel files (XLSX) in your custom applications using free open source libraries.


Openize.Slides Utilize open-source libraries to enhance your custom applications by enabling them to efficiently manage loading, creation, and modification tasks for Microsoft PowerPoint files (PPTX).


Openize.Heic Explore open-source APIs tailored for reading, editing and converting High Efficiency Image (HEIC) file format.


Openize.Drako Leverage an open-source API for efficiently reading, writing, and compressing 3D data with Openize.Drako. Enhance your applications with seamless integration and support for managing highly compressed 3D models.